7% Saline...Yipee

Posted by thumperguy @thumperguy, Jan 2, 2020

Until I discovered this forum I didn't know that saline concentrations were available above 0.9. Now, informed and maybe wiser, a few days ago I sent a letter to my pulmo to wit: December 26, 2019

David L. Luterman, M.D.
Suite 806 Barnett Tower
3600 Gaston Ave.
Dallas, TX 75246

Re: Saline Inhalation Nebulizer

Dear Dr. Luterman:

Since beginning to use the Percussion Vest Airway Clearance device a little over two years ago I’ve been using 3 mL vials of .09% saline solution. I’ve never had reason to question the routine; indeed didn’t even know there were other concentration and quantity options.

More recently, I’ve learned that other bronchiecstasis/MAC patients variously use concentrations of 3% and 7% and 5 mL volumes. Those patients seem to do so predicated on the notion that since 0.9% is the salinity of the human body that an inhalation concentration greater than 0.9% is necessary to clear mucous. I also know that many, perhaps all, of these persons suffer more severe pathology than I do. However knowing that hasn’t dampened my curiosity about the more aggressive regimen(s).

So I’d like to impose on you to consider for a moment if there is any merit in increased saline concentration and/or volume in my clinical situation. I’ll try to make it as easy as possible; if your advice to stay-the-course as it stands now don’t bother to call. If the phone doesn’t ring I’ll take that as “stay put.” It you think it’s worth talking over briefly: 214-827-4363 .

In any event I’m looking forward to seeing you next May.


Don J. Brix, Ph.D.

Well he just called and I'm gonna join the 7% club forthwith. This forum rocks!

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I’m sure your doctor appreciates the thoroughness of your reasoning to want to try the stronger saline solution. Personally, I have found the 3% version strong enough for now. Best wishes!


Well esssbeee, your words feel like a compliment; thanks. Have you also used other saline strengths?


I’ve used other strengths of saline while being induced for a sputum sample at my local hospital. The stronger version works a bit more quickly for me than the 3%.

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