3 year issue, incontinence getting worse,but other issue below

Posted by Carolyn @cjhorn47, Oct 8 7:27pm

I am a 76 yr old female,past history of UTI,3yrs ago I thought getting another,but could fee like something inside vagina…..visited 4 obgyn….many tests inside and outside vagina,last was uro=gyn,wanted me inserted plessery for 2-3 wks….got worse,after taking out wanted me to go to PT /specialty weekly for 12 wks, committed for 6 but so many earlier issues,took transportation and backup contacted too late for weekly standby assistance…….I feel like I have a child i am getting ready to deliver!!!!!!!!!! now i am homebound and insurance will pay for gurney,do not want to continue to mix germs as new covid up ticking!!!!!!!

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I have pain sitting and feel pain that feels like a UTI but is not and a feeling I have a lump in my anus. I am male but have a lot of pain in the pelvic area and for years and now I have finally figured it is the pudendal nerve. I am male but I am mentioning it as a possibility. I have urinary frequency and urge/ stress incontinence also.

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