How much does a second opinion cost (cancer)?

Posted by lauragarrod @lauragarrod, Feb 16 10:26am

Does anyone know how much it would be out of pocket for a second opinion regarding kidney cancer?

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Welcome, @lauragarrod. You ask a great question. Naturally, the answer depends on many factors, like your insurance coverage, length of consultation, travel, lodging and more.

If you're asking about getting a second opinion at Mayo Clinic, you can request an appointment and ask the coordinator directly about costs. Here's where to get started:

Mayo Clinic also provides price estimates. You can use the online Cost Estimator Tool and/or request an estimation of services by phone. See more info here: :

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Laura, have you been diagnosed with kidney cancer?


When I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer my wife wanted a second opinion.
My thought was that this experienced oncologist said it was cancer and a PET CT SCAN revealed everything why waist time on a second opinion?
I made my mind up that I was going to trust my oncologist and I will be 7 years out in November.
Prayer sent for you to be comforted.


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