Chemo-related Neuropathy

Posted by rob59, Robbie Hinton @rob59, May 30, 2019

What’s the best Department at Mayo Clinic to get started from for someone who suffers with neuropathy from chemo treatments? Suggestions…for a friend!

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I have some numbness in my feet, discomfort in the evenings and at bedtime. My mother had mild neuropathy as does my sister and brother. My son has a severe problem that involves bone pain.


Good Morning, I have completed only one chemo session so far and do not have neuropathy. I do however have pain in my legs especially the joints. I tried ice, tylenol and claritin however none of them seemed to helped so, I going to contact the clinic today to see if there are any other options. It is great to hear about the Myofascial Release and how it helped you.

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