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Elderly parent living with me

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My Mom got admitted to the hospital the day before Thanksgiving and didn't get out of the hospital until Saturday night. She has diverticulitis near her stoma and it is from her not eating the correct diet. I can't get her to eat what she is supposed to. I order and get the groceries but as it is she tells all the doctors and nurses etc. that she doesn't have anything she can eat. I have so much food in this house I have no more room to store it. The problem is she only wants to eat what she isn't supposed to. I bought what she wanted and she ended up in the hospital. I get tired of arguing with her about it. She says if she follows the diet for her diverticulitis and the colostomy diet there is nothing left to eat. That is not true but it would cut out the only food she will eat. It is difficult to not resent the fact that she has made choices that created the issue with the diverticulitis to begin with and what caused her to end up with a ruptured bowel and the colostomy in 2020. My Mom is also jealous of anything I do and if I go anywhere for any amount of time she gets "sick". I think it is from a fear that the one taking care of them might go away? It is kind of child like as they get older. I went one morning before she woke up to do a grocery pick up only gone about 30 mins. She woke up while I was gone and called and text me franticly saying she didn't feel right. Once I got back home she was fine. I feel like she had a panic attack. She refuses to take anything for depression or anxiety. IDK? I don't know what the answers are. I feel like I am always trying to find the answers with no luck. It sounds like we all have similar situations and experiences on this journey. It is difficult and it is nice to have a place to vent/get support from others.

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Omg, we have a lot in common with our moms and situation! It’s bizarre! Man, I feel for you. It ‘s brutal.