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Hi, New diagnosis today. Smoldering melanoma. No lesions ,doing a 24 hour urine collection, bone marrow the 30th, 22 peptscan (spelling). With all those results I will get the game plan. So far, kidney, iron levels,calcium are good, Bit overwhelmed. Thankful for finding this forum.

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Welcome to Connect @eldernan76. It’s understandable to be overwhelmed when you get a new diagnosis. Most of us in the forum are no strangers to that feeling.

It helps to be able to talk with other people who are going through the same experiences so you don’t feel quite so alone in your journey. We have several members in Connect who have Multiple myeloma who are more than happy to share their experiences and information. Please meet @gingerw, @cheft and others in this discussion:


Smoldering myeloma is a slowly developing precancerous condition affecting the bone marrow. It can sound a bit confusing so here are a couple of good articles about MM and Smoldering MM from trusted sources:

From Myeloma.org:

It sounds like you’re having all the appropriate tests coming up so that you can get a plan of action. Were you having symptoms that led to this diagnosis or was this discovered with a routine physical?

@eldernan76 Let me add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

Being overwhelmed is not unusual when we have a new diagnosis, and now we need to find reliable information going forward. Sending you a big hug of support from Oregon, and letting you know you can ask any questions you have here. Let's see what your medical team says!