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@ljeva1968, I want to add my Welcome to Becky's welcome. As Becky has indicated, I have been thru the transplant process. I believe that your fear of exclusion is something that every potential transplant patient experiences for a variety of reasons. You are correct that severe mental illness is listed as an exclusion, but so are some complicates or untreatable physical conditions, along and smoking, alcoholism, and even being over weight. Trust me, you are not alone in having a pre-existing condition.
When a patient is evaluated, it is to be sure that the patient is strong enough to withstand a very complex surgical procedure. Sometimes a person has to undergo treatment, surgery, chemo, alcohol and tobacco withdrawal, and weight loss before qualifying for eligibility for an organ transplant.
Transplant surgery is not an easy process to experience. There is a huge amount of emotional stress along with physical sickness while waiting. And afterwards, a new organ must be protected from rejection by the strict adherence to schedule of anti-rejection medicines for the rest of a patient's life. Those are some reasons that the rules are so strict, and as you can see, not limited to mental health.

@ljeva1968, I commend you for working with a therapist. It is a step in the right direction for anyone who is experiencing what you are experiencing.
Who diagnosed your NASH, and who is treating tour NASH? Are they suggesting that you need a transplant?
I'm sending a hug and a prayer along with this post. ❤

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When I was diagnosed they gave me little hope NASH F3 was reversible and I’d eventually need a transplant. As far as the other criteria… I pretty much meet them. I’ve lost a lot weight (almost 100 lbs), I have support, insurance, etc. currently they’re not suggesting a transplant. I’m not at that point yet. I’m trying to prepare myself for what May come. I’ve worked in medicine and I’ve seen the suffering of liver patients. I’ve heard it’s like living daily with flu not to mention paracenteses that are needed. Unfortunately I’ve seen and know a lot about health and medicine issues. … that doesn’t help. I’m working on making my mind better. I’m compliant with my medical regimen..it’s simply my psych issues that are a challenge.