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Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself

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Hi, my name is Allan, I have been diagnosed with ilionguinal neuropathy from hernia surgery. I am in constant pain, the only relief, is the medication which only reduces the level of pain. No one seems to understand what this pain is doing to my activities of daily living. If someone knows if there is any clinicle studies on this I would appreciate any information. I would also like some help in assessing the Ama guide to impairment in relation to this problem.
Thank you

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Welcome Allan,
You may also be interested in joining the conversation about neuropathy happening here https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/anyone-here-dealing-with-peripheral-neuropathy/ Members sharing on this discussion thread may have clinical trial suggestions and tips about the AMA guide.

Hi Allan, I have exactly the same condition, I am flying in bed at this moment with a sore left groin and a numb cold left leg and desperately seeking help, it would be good to communicate with you ? I live in the south of Ireland, Sean

Hi Allan, my name is Carol and I believe we are living in the same world with nerve pain. Mine started in 1987 after my hysterectomy. After every abdominal surgery, pain just got worse and became unbearable. For 3 years I hardly left the house except for Dr appt. I did start getting shots in lower right abdomen and pelvis, which helped me to be able to walk.

Have they mentioned injections or burning nerve? What i was told 10 years ago was if they hit right nerve with injections, I would be out of pain. Even though they are shooting into illonguial nerve, and others, I am still in horrid pain. A lot of issues is there's so much scar tissue around my hysterectomy scar (cut hip to hip) and below that nerves are in trapped. I haven't worked in 13 years, pain changed my entire lifestyle.

Just wanted you to know that I definitely understand your pain and give you info on injections, etc.
Please let me know if you have any new information on what to try, clinical studies, etc.

Thanks and take care of yourself

I would try to get the nerve resected or find a peripheral nerve specialist like the Dellon Institute to see if they can simply free nerve up. I have had multiple hernia surgeries and am about to just have the mesh removed (even if I lose one testicle) as it just seems to cause more problems over time. SIN Syndrome is considered a scientifically valid reason for some people to develop chronic pain after hernia repair with mesh. If you search for it, you can download the paper all about it.

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