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Spinal stenosis and ablations

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Justin: I definitely agree with your decision to not get surgery. I’ve had pain in my back, hips, legs, and shoulders for fifteen years and six years ago I had back surgery hoping that I’d be getting some relief from it. After the surgery and post-surgery rehab I got a letter and a phone call from the head of the hospital where the surgery took place. The gentleman informed me that the surgeon who operated on me had made a bad mistake while operating. He apologized profusely and then advised me to hire an attorney and use him. I was stunned but followed that advice which was found in my favor and I received financial recompense. The thing is, money can’t obliterate one’s pain which I still have and it’s more severe than prior to the surgery. I see a pain management doctor once a month and I have been advised to get all sorts of treatments which I have read up on extensively and none of the treatments offered have or proven to be of long lasting benefit to anyone who has had the various treatments (mostly ablation, pain pump etc.). So I’m pretty much resigned to life long pain, taking pain meds that barely work. Sorry to be so negative.

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There is no amount of money that can compensate for chronic, severe pain. I would for forfeit winning the MegaMillion jackpot to be pain-free. And, I am nowhere in the amount of pain that soe folks out there apparently are in.