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rabbit10 (@rabbit10)

Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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Hi @rabbit10 and welcome to Connect! I want to connect you with @martid, and @grandma41 who have both recently written about peripheral neuropathy. They both had different causes of their diagnosis and can discuss their experiences with you.

How long have you been dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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I only had a bit of neuropathy in my hands while taking chemo.  Sorry, I may not be much help.  I hope all goes well for you.  Debbie

Hi I have had peripheral. NeuropThy for about 4 years. It seemed to come from nowhere it was just there. I have been looking for a place to connect with others who have the same problem to see what works for them and mAybe I can help some one else.

Hello Rabbit 10 and others who suffer with non specific neuropathy Just began dealing with it several months ago and so far no relief. Still waiting to see a neurologist. It is interesting that many also have restless leg syndrone which I have and which came first with me. Am taking Requip for that and it seems to work if I take it in time at night. The burning nerves is in my feet and legs, mostly left, is spreading to my left arm and hand now. Nothing seems to help that. Am taking note of what seems to help others. Am 76. Had spinal stenosis surgery and thought the numbness and nerve damage was from that problem. Still may be but why is it spreading? Lots of questions but no answers so far. Hope to learn from you guys.

Hi and welcome. There are many possible causes of peripheral neuropathy, such as diabetes, B12 deficiency, certain drugs, autoimmune disease etc but you’ll need a thorough workup to get to a root cause. It may still be spinal but that is TBD. Here is a good article that goes into causes and requisite testing:
As far as the restless legs, symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can mimic restless legs so again, investigation is needed to establish which came first. Has your iron status been evaluated? When was your last B12 level tested?

try *Gabapentin,probably at 300 mg.,twice or t hrice a day!*

*Another drug is an antidepressant called CYMBALTA.*

Hi EMILY ANNE…I noticed in your note something about restless leg
syndrome and lately I have not seen anywhere a tip that I found in our
local newspaper years ago in a column written by an MD and seems to work for
some. And it did/does for me. When I tried it, it seemed to work for me
but I was convinced the results were psychosomatic. The tip is to put a bar
of soap under your sheet at night. Simple enuf and yet questionable. After
successfully using this tip for years (don’t argue with success) , one night
my legs were all over the place. I figured at first that it truly was
psychosomatic. But I looked for the bar of soap, I couldn’t find it at
first. It had slid off the mattress and was almost under the mattress where
the sheet got tucked under the mattress! I put it back in place and no
problems since. And that also was years ago! I do remember though that
there is one brand of soap that others say doesn’t seem to work…and if I
remember correctly it was Dial. And the bar doesn’t have to be under your
legs…just under the sheet somewhere on the side!!!!!! But if one brand
doesn’t work, try one other. And I’ve had it under cotton as well as
flannel sheets. Many wrote to that column to say it worked for them. The
column Dr. admitted many times, no one knows how/why it works. @gailfaith


Emily Anne. about the same here. Had restless leg syndrome and now non specific neuropathy–just diagnosed. Waiting to see neurologist. Hoping to learn from this group..

Welcome @ridgerunner. You’ve landed in a great group of people.
@emilyanne @johnwburns @martid @rabbit10 @johnbishop will you join me in welcoming RidgeRunner?

Welcome @ridgerunner – I don’t have the restless leg syndrome but do have SFPN in my legs and feet, no pain, just numbness and a little tingling sometimes. My neurologist diagnosed me with idiopathic neuropathy which he thought could be hereditary since I’ve had it 15+ years, just never bothered to get a diagnosis until this past March, my bad. Hoping you get some answers after meeting with the neurologist. Good luck!