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I am so sorry this happened to you. I finished 5 doses of Evenity and had to stop. I had minor side effects that I could handle: feeling tired, headache, some aches and pains, a little brain fog. But after the 4th dose I started getting heart palpitations. I spoke with my MD ( Rhuematologist) regarding this and he said if it gets worse I should stop and he would not put me on anything because I have had no improvement to any medication I have been on. Well after the 5th injection they did get worse. I went to a different MD( Endocrinologist) today for another opinion on what I should go on and she had no clue. Very sad really. She actually said to me " If you break a hip, you can get a hip replacement". I am only 62 years old! At this point, I will continue to take my supplements, walk everyday, meditate and live life to the fullest. I am very frustrated with the medical community at this time.

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Hi, It is frustrating. I’ve posted before about stopping Evenity myself after 11 mos, should have stopped sooner, as I could not move without pain and am very active -hike, ski, mountain bike. I felt like I gave myself significant arthritis. Pad for a scan and had amazing results. BUT, with that said listen to your own body along with medical advice because you alone know how you feel and what is normal for you. I’m pretty sure my medical professional thinks I have an anxiety issue about Evenity but it made me feel like I was 90 and I’m 67. I’m on Fosomax now and reading Great Bones for a more educated approach myself. Hope you feel better but I remind myself that medicine is a science ever evolving and doesn’t have all the absolutes!