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Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia

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Hi Sheri, I’ve been hiding in plain sight! 😅 Thank you so much for your wonderfully detailed and helpful reply to @drwill about the new meds he’ll be taking soon! Val came to mind right away when I read Patrick’s comment! I hope it helps to allay is concerns.

I am beyond thrilled to see that Val’s PET scan was perfect!! Unremarkable!! That is the best word to see when we’re in medical treatment. I think when we’re younger we feel the need to be thought of as remarkable or standing out. So the first time I heard it from my doctor i had a nanosecond of deflation until I realized what it meant. 😂. I heard “You’re unremarkable today!” So I replied, “Seriously? I’m not memorable?” He laughed and said “I can assure you that will never be the case. You cause me sleepless nights and haunt me 24/7” 😂😂 Poor guy. I think he used to have dark hair before he got me as a patient… I digress.

Val IS remarkable and it’s really reassuring to hear about his continued progress! I’m glad he’s Mr Sunshine again. I’m sure you are too! (Sending you a PM)

Thank you again for replying to Patrick.

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😂. I look forward to being characterized as “Unremarkable” one day. Thanks for your response.