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I had some mega back pain on left side and coughing was painful. Had a lot of mucus to cough out. I tried to sleep in a recliner but it felt like too much pain on my back. I slept in bed with a large body pillow propping me up. I could walk, go to the bathroom and fix a sandwich etc without help. You aren’t suppose to lift a gallon of milk or use your arms to lift or pull you up…I had no problems like that. The chest tube holes ( I had 2) healed quickly and without infection. Just take a shower and wash hair and let the shampoo wash your incision ( Mayo suggested that)…no wound dressings…no leakage…I waited for 5 weeks to do cardiac rehab..I used a chiropractor to help with back pain…the back muscles around to the chest were traumatized by the breast plate being cut so it really did help. No rx pain meds after a couple weeks. Lynn

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Thank you so much lynnkay.
I truly appreciate your response. Such a brutal experience. I certainly hope someone was with you to help you through. Great idea to work with a chiropractor. My insurance is so pitiful, I’ll have to depend on the meds alone for pain control. I’d love to know why you had to wait five weeks to begin cardiac rehab. If you have time and are willing to live through what sounds like an painful journey. If you had it to do over, are there things you would change?
Bless You.

Thank you for your post.. I am scheduled to have a septal myectomy on April 17th with Dr Schaff at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Any suggestions? THANKS!

Hi @jh56, my husband had a septal myectomy and a triple bypass on December 17 of this year with Dr Schaff. You are in great hands with Dr Schaff and with all the post surgery nurses at St Mary's. My husband is recovery well and will finish his cardiac rehab next week. Make sure you have an electric recliner to sit in and sleep in when you arrive home.

Hi @jh56, how are you doing? I have to say You are in good hands..:)
Be positive and hang out with happy people. Dr Schaff is awesome.
My husband is doing amazing. It's been 3 weeks since he had his surgery. He started working from home for couple hours a day.
Only problem he has now is shoulder pain because he has to sleep on his back which in general he never did.

Things that my husband liked after surgery was:
-Loose pants
-Reclining bed ( you can rent it and some insurance will pay for it if you have a doctor's note)
-electric warm blanket.

Please feel free to call me or email me if you have more questions.