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I know I have mentioned this book before, but I continue to see questions here that are clearly explained in the book, "The AFIB Cure…" by two prominent EP's John Day MD and Jared Bunch MD, both well known experts in the field. While early ablation is strongly recommended in the book, it is NOT the AFIB cure by itself. Ablation gives us time to make or complete a list of lifestyle changes that can complete the cure, and of course, the list is different for each patient, but things like dealing with the anxiety you mention in your post are certainly among the initiatives the book outlines. Good luck to you on this unique journey we all face.

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I'm not an expert, but there doesn't appear to be a reasoned 'cure' for AF. It's a progressive disease, as all the peer-reviewed literature says it is. It can be delayed, retarded, abetted, whatever other word for slowing its progress will work for you, but it will eventually come back. A second, third, fourth, fifth ablation might work, maybe not, but I would happily submit to a good EP who felt that he/she could stave off those intrusive characteristics of recurrent AF. I have ended the blanking period after a second ablation inside of seven months, and it worked! I even swung a mattock (pole-ax) repeatedly at the roots of a shrub yesterday and got my heart up to at least 150 BPM (not bad for a 70 year-old male). As far as I know, my heart just slowed naturally when I stopped, and I went on to do other things around the garden with apparent impunity.

Ablations are good!