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Looking for others with Pulmonary embolisms

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The last two were provoked with a surgery and another procedure. This last one, I have no clue. Double dosing of Eliquis currently and will always be on the med now.
Did you know you had a clot in your leg? Im familiar with having DVTs but the last two PEs, they didn't know where the clots came from.
Are you using any blood thinners?

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The pain on my right posterior lower lung base upon inspiration while waking one morning exactly one week after the accident alerted me to the possibility of a PE, because all of my injuries from the accident were on the left side of my body. I recognized the symptoms and already had a f/u with my Ortho that same day. He didn't believe me initially when I described the symptoms of shortness of breath and pain and I even pointed to the spot. He wanted to test for kidney issues but I held out for a CT scan which was positive and the clot was exactly where I touched it. I found another Ortho MD that same day from my hospital bed. Even though the ankle fracture was a closed break, the edema and non weight bearing status were contributing factors. After my 6 months of Eliquis and the repeat CT scan, I have not had another PE..so am not on any blood thinners.
Unfortunately, we both may experience more clots in our lifetime, hopefully the Eliquis will prevent another one for you.

I had no DVT symptoms on my leg and since all my injuries were on the left side of my body, I became immediately suspicious when I woke up having Shortness of breath with inspiration and a sharp pain on the right lower posterior lobe of my right lung. I had not been placed on any anticoagulants following the accident. That day, I had an appointment already scheduled with my Ortho and held off going to the ER and saw him. He didn't believe me or my reported symptoms, even though I could point to the exact spot where I could feel the pain. He thought it was just some undetected kidney injury and performed an xray. By that time, the pain was pretty bad and I insisted that he order a CT scan at the local hospital just across the street. After the scan, the Ortho called me himself and there was a long pause as he finally said "you were absolutely correct in the location of the clot and I'm admitting you right now". Following my discharge, I obtained a better and more competent Orthopedist.