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Hello. I’m so sorry you are having Afib after 3 ablations. I feel your heart is still healing. I’m new at this because I found out a few months ago I had Afib after going through a few attacks for about 6 month and a couple of over nights stays at my he hospital.It was finally found that I had Afib. I was put on a medication called sotalol that didn’t work for me.My cardiologist the said he thought an ablation would b the he next step. I had a he ablation on march 28- 2023.Everything went well.zI stayed overnight in the hospital. In next couple of weeks starting when I got home from the hospital.My heart starting flipping and went on for couple of weeks. I’m a lady that has dealt with panic and anxiety for years.25 years ago I learned to deal with it but because I had so much anxiety I started having PVC’s.After years of trying to deal with them I asked my Dr. For help, I was put on beta blockers,they helped do much,T I’ve been on them since 2001.I guess that shouldn’t have be a surprise when they started up so fast.The Doctor also cut the beta blockers back to 25 mg to twice a day when I was taking a 50 mg a day. I did go back to 50 mg a day and that helps.The next 2 weeks my heart seem to be doing better and I thought I was on the way to recovery. I have had so much anxiety with this ablation and I started to get depressed and crying a lot so when it started looking up for me.You can imagine how happy I was.Then my heart started missing beats..,the pvc’s that went o most of the day and then my heart racing so bad. I took my pulse it was 134 a minute. I was so upset. I called my doctor told him I upped my medication and was taking some Xanax which I had on hand for anxiety attacks. I felt so bad but My Precious lord is seeing me through this. I still believe the ablation is going to work while my heart is healing,sits only been 5 weeks since the ablations. I go see the Doctor next week to see if maybe another medication may help with my heart healsI hope this helps knowing you’re not alone.God bless

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Thank you so much. I too suffer from panic attacks & anxiety but I really do think it's the fear of the unknown etc. I take metacor 25mgs 4 times daily. I pray that my heart is still healing & I have to learn to relax when I am in an episode. Easier said then done. Thank you again. Lovely to hear from you.