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Hi Barb!

I just composed of a detailed response, but because I am a new member to this message board, they won’t let me post any links and they won’t let me message you directly. So unfortunately, I can’t be of much help because I bought the Smovey rings online and most of the exercises I do with them are on YouTube. If you do an Internet search on the “Smovey Vibroswing System” you should be able to find them. And if you search for these terms on YouTube, you should be able to find the videos:
“Smovey : Antje's Top Mobility, Strength, and Balance Exercises For Beginners” and
“Gabriosa Life“

Hope this works!



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@tptully, you're right. There is a brief period where new members can't post links. We do this to deter spammers and keep the community safe. You will be able to add URLs to your posts in a few days. Clearly the links you wanted to post are not spam. Please allow me to post them for you and for @bjleffelman.

– SmoveyUSA website: https://www.smoveynorthamerica.com/

Thank you so much Tracy!

There are many things out there that can be of help for Parkinson's patients, and most of the time I run across them by chance. It seems to me that at such an inexpensive cost, it is a no brainer but to buy them and be hopeful that they will help in some way.
Thank you and God Bless,