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Jenny D (@jenniferedodd)

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis

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Happy to find thus chat. I had a diverticulitis episode July of 2020. This flare up caused a fistula attached to my bladder. Needless to say I needed surgery. They took 9 inches of my sigmoid repaired the bladder. Stayed in hospital four days . Came home with catheter for an additional 5 days. Since the surgery I gave development hemorrhoids with burning sensation is my butt cheeks. Alison urinary issues. My urologist things it is all in my head told me to go home have glass of wine and live my life. Went to my GP she prescribed estrogen cream to use externally on virginal are to help ease the urethra issue. Using it for about six weeks now some relief. She also prescribed anusol for hemorrhoids and swelling in that area. There is some relief again not totally gone. I thought once this surgery was done that I would be back to my old self again. Not so much it had taken a toll on me emotionally and mentally. Would like to know if anyone out there has had any of these issues. Sure would like to get some feedback.

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It definitely takes a toll on your mental health! It takes a while to get past the fear of eating. When the surgeon told me I was free to go and eat whatever I wanted, I was excited about it, but the thought of swallowing actual food, other than my Boost Breeze drinks, applesauce or crackers was scary to me and made me nauseated.
It took a while, but I am now slowly reintroducing more fiber and roughage into my diet