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Treatment options for Livedoid Vasculopathy (LV)

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Hi Patientria, I have had LV for 6 years now. I have been seen at a hospital wound healing center for most of those years. I was diagnosed with a biopsy with the definite diagnosis of LV. I only saw improvement in my healing after I started Xarelto 15 mg. once per day. My last open large foot ulcer was so bad that it was only able to heal with a skin graft of my own thigh skin. The skin graft and the Xarelto closed the wound and so far no more ulcers. As you read about LV you will see that it is a chronic vascular disease of the tiny vessels. Getting oxygen to the wound is primary.
that is what Xarelto helps to do. Keep in touch, Zenk

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Hi @zenk many many thanks for your reply.My biopsy also speaks about LV.All suggestions and opinions in this blog are very useful and I will surely be in touch.I am very pleased to hear from you that no more ulcers.I wish to you and to all other people of this topic all the best!!

Hi @prairiesmoke, @marlene64, @patientrea, @mlemieux, et al:

I just wanted to jump in on a couple of points: First, I wholeheartedly agree with Marlene about keeping up a positive attitude. I've said it before - in sports as in medicine, having a positive attitude is frequently the difference between winning and losing. Martin - I'm so sorry you are developing new ulcers, but you are wearing so many hats now and serving as Canada's Ambassador for Thrombosis. You more than anyone I know have shown an amazing resilience in dealing with what is for you a very very long term disease. You are the poster child for LV. In that light, please don't ever let yourself get down about this disease - too many people including me are looking up to you for inspiration. Hope you forgive me for that little rant, my friend. I know you are hurting like so many others in this group.

I wanted to respond to something @prairiesmoke brought up some time ago and then again recently - the notion that LV may have some genetic implications and/or may have some basis in being triggered by trauma. I also remember a relative - paternal grandfather - who had a severe case of what I now believe was LV. The symptoms I recall from many years ago were very similar to what I have experienced in the past few years. I know this is only anecdotal evidence, but I agree that it would be worth some research. The other aspect - whether LV can be triggered by trauma is a very intriguing question. I did see a scientific study a couple of years ago that suggested such a relationship, although I haven't been able to locate it again. However, my dermatologist recently brought this notion up in one of our discussions, relating it to my particular history. I suffered a permanent nerve injury to my left femoral nerve resulting from a botched femoral nerve block for a knee replacement. Shortly after this, I began experiencing serious LV outbreaks where they had only been relatively minor previous to that and only appeared seasonally. Again, only anecdotal evidence, but I wish I could find that someone has done or is doing serious research along these lines. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Thank you Zenk.I'm gonna buy this medicine and try it. if it works then I will post on here.

Welcome to Connect, @wayneliu. We're so glad that you've joined us, and even more so since you seem to have discovered some helpful suggestions shared by Connect member, @zenk.
This is what Mayo Clinic Connect is all about: meeting people with similar experiences, sharing your story, and learning from fellow members' insights.
@wayneliu, please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions, and also whether Xarelto has worked for you.

Hi @kanaazpereira thank you so much for your help.I took Xarelto 15mg once a day only two days.I hope it works and by the way.I've joined an wechat(a Chinese social media app) group and there are 55 LVers in this group.I represent them to say if there is any medicine or any clinical trials which can treat our condition please let me know, thank you so much.