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Hi, I had one of the problems you mentioned in a prior post of Ventricular Tachycardia. I say this because as I had to look up the condition of apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is similar to what caused my problems. My issues were due to thickening of the heart muscle. Which I see is the same issue you have. During that period for me I also had a pacemaker with defibularter and was on antiarrhythmic drugs. But i also can say thru most of the time I had the condition i led a pretty normal life. so, I'm curious as to how you see your life now? are you having symptoms that are bothersome? Prior to my time that finally i had to go to the next step of heart transplant I lived with the pacemaker and medications for about 10 years with a few flair ups but overall, not too bad until finally my heart just was ready to give out and that's when heart transplant became available.

So, i guess I'm saying with the latest with pacemaker development maybe whatever is bothering you may just need some adjustment of the settings of the pacemaker and or medications. I found that once I found the right specialist who was familiar with my type of problem, He was able to make adjustments to help with things that bothered me. i might just add that the heart is so specialized these days and with all the treatment options finding the right doctor is key. as an example for me i started with a regular cardiologist I like to call the plumbing specialist who handles physical problems like stents and bypass type things, Then you have the EP (electro physiologist) cardiologist who handle the electrical issues, and even amongst them they split between the upper heart which is the AFIB issues and the lower part or the problem we deal(t) with the Ventriculus and even when I had the transplant is another specialist who handle just that area. so, I hope that helps. Please let me know if I can help further as I know for me back in those days knowing I wasn't alone was the biggest help. Hang in there and don't give up maybe just a little tweak could make a world of difference.

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May I ask where you found the right doctor and is it the same doctor that did your transplant? Thank you.