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I am also interested to find out if the colonoscopy or tetanus shot caused a relapse in the c diff. The majority of 2022 I was dealing with a flareup of diverticulitis that never went away after numerous double antibiotics. Ended up having a sigmoidectomy June 2022. At that time they said I tested positive for. C diff. I was not treated for that. Then I ended up taking amoxicillin in October for a dental issue. After 10 days the c diff reared its ugly head, and I ended up spending seven days in the hospital. Was treated with Vancomycin and florastor. Was released from the hospital on another 10 days of Vancomycin and Florastor. I have continued on once a day with the probiotic. And here I am at the beginning of March 2023. Scared to death to ever take another antibiotic. So I understand what you mean by it coming back. I am afraid to even take Tylenol. So afraid it will trigger the C diff again! It is always on my mind, but I am trying to move forward. Trying to stay as healthy as possible. Good luck out there. May we all keep away from this horrible c diff!

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Hi BBarbiee I can relate also as after my first bout with it in 2019 i worry also. But i do take an antibiotic every time i have dental work and so far no reoccurrence. I can suggest that when I was last on Vancomycin my PCP Doctor put me on a probiotic that worked well for me. He was very specific that it had to be Lactobacillus Acidophilus and not to take the one that had the acid part first. Now i would definitely check with your doctor as because of my transplant drugs I'm on they will only let me take it when I'm on a longer term of antibiotics since it plays with my other meds and that the one-day I'm on Amoxicillin for dental work is not long enough to cause cdif and I'm now 3 years of twice a year dental cleaning and no problems with cdif. Hope that helps. Let me know what you find out as I too would not want to wish that disease on anyone.