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Fibromyalgia and adhesion & fascial issues

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Hi, after reading these posts you guys have given me strength to fight this. I have been suffering from this illness for the past year I am 33 years old no one seems to understand what I’m going through and it happened so fast. I’ve been pushing my body to the limit through injury that initially occurred in my lower back. I did not recover from this and took on extra tasks. Now I have muscle pain all over my body mainly lower back and hands. I’m having difficulty sleeping at night. I have not been diagnosed yet with anything however I do believe it’s mayofascial or Fibromyalgia. How do I know which one I’ve got and how do I get better? What’s the best medicine to take throughout the day and for sleep. Thank you guys.

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I also frequently get myofascial knots in my rib cage and unfortunately have few answers for treatment or prevention. Physical therapy can be helpful in addressing the knots and I do PT myself on the ones I can reach. I do mild stretches - just enough to get the muscles to move across the bones through the facia and try to move gently, but that doesn't seem to prevent the knots and the pain. Also recently diagnosed with FM.

Per my sleep med doctor, I take 3mg of melatonin about a hour before bed time and then a 7.5 mg Rx of Remeron for sleep, 2 arthritis strength (650mg) acetaminophen ER and sometimes 220mg naproxen at bedtime. Melatonin helps get me to sleep, Remeron helps me get back to sleep when I wake up due to pain. The naproxen may be helpful during the daytime.

Due to complexity, I'm thinking seeing a specialist or several different specialists would be advisable. I started with orthopedics because that was the simplest place to start.

All the best to you and your situation.