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Diet after kidney transplant

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Yes, just got my new kidney and new lease on life October 27. Sat in on a good training with a nutritionist at Mayo where they talked about eating a balanced diet, still less protein, sodium and fatty sugar filled foods and follow a Mediterranean eating plan. My wife and I actually started a Mediterranean eating plan five months before my transplant and I lost 34lbs and still at that weight. So it’s going good. Do miss eating a big juicy rare steak so often though but it’s worth the trade. Owe to my amazing donor to be the best transplant recipient I can be.


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Hi @dlovdahl 😊
It's nice to meet you and Congratulations on your new kidney! I agree that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet for health and longevity. I am super impressed with the amount of weight loss you achieved...that's awesome! Please continue to stay in contact on Connect and share your kidney transplant journey too. This Transplant Group is a wonderfully supportive family of terrific people like yourself! Thank you for sharing your post-transplant diet. Your story is inspirational!