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So, my comments would be to work on a consult at Mayo, Rochester, MN. The size of the Mayo Rochester facility means there are more physicians (more patients too). Other Mayo facilities are good, but not as big and likely will take longer to get appointments and to move along. You would need to submit as much data ahead of time as possible (say Blood test results, XRAY/MRI/CAT/PET scans – submit the raw data (like on DVD), maybe the radiologist reports, that BRAC2 report, etc). Typically Mayo starts with one appointment and then schedules other appointments pronto. So, you might get in the door faster with a PA being the first provider, rather than an MD or the most knowledgeable appropriate provider. My experience – told it would take a long time to get an appointment and even longer to get a biopsy. I called on a Thursday or Friday and they asked if I would see a PA – "I said sure" – appointment was Monday at 10AM. PA looked at my records (my MRI had been reviewed by a Mayo radiologist) and said "You need a biopsy; how about Wed at 10:00." I said: "Great!"
So, things can move along pretty quickly.
Treatment might take longer. I would assume that based on what you've shared that you are on ADT (Androgen Deprivation Therapy) already or should be (my uniformed opinion). If not yet, Mayo docs may want that as first firewall. Then maybe talk about which therapy is best for your situation.
I can't answer definitively on all Mayo facilities, but I know that in Rochester there are five treatment rooms for Proton Therapy. I would guess less at Scottsdale the PBT facility is smaller. Also FWIW when I got PBT (Feb 2020) the protocol for my prostate cancer was five treatment sessions spread over two weeks. In Scottsdale (at that time they were still using the (older) protocol of five day a week treatment for five weeks. I believe that has changed for some providers in Scottsdale, now. Longer treatment might mean less incidental tissue irritation but if it makes it more expensive (maybe not at Mayo) or more hotel expenses and days away aren't' doable than that makes a difference.
Hope that helps.

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My surgeon has not put me on ADT yet and the PSMA and subsequent cystogram shows a urinoma from a bladder leak and now at least one lymph node is involved. Have lost confidence in this urologist