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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Although I am a private person, my goal in this post is to tell everyone that I have controlled my symptoms for 2.5 years without any drugs. On a CT scan 5 years ago the radiologist saw inflammation of lymph nodes and wasn’t sure what it was but suspected mesenteric panniculitis. I was not symptomatic. In August of 2012, I came down with severe pain and bloating, and for two months I could not sleep on my side, couldn’t run, barely walked, etc… all with severe pain. I started reading online, and all I saw were these terrible stories and the dangerous drugs people had to take. I had a clue that my disease was autoimmune related, because I had an autoimmune disease that caused fluid to gather in my inner ear.

Let first state, I am a totally Western medicine kind of person, and have nothing to gain from sharing my experience. The only thing I hope is that one person can gain freedom from pain like I have.

My research led me to the Paleo, auto immune protocol diet. It is a tough diet, and I lost a lot weight at first (too much). The good news is the diet lets you add things so that you can figure what your triggers are. I was very strict for the first 4 to 6 weeks. I now cheat all the time, but go back on a less strenuous version of it when I begin to feel minor symptoms. The great news is that my blood tests are amazing (I had high triglycerides, low good cholesterol, etc.) I am no expert, not a doctor, but just someone who has felt guilty by not sharing what has helped me.

I wish you all no pain, and a full recovery. take care, Doron

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I am so sorry for everyone’s problems I am told mine is mild I will be getting more test in October What kind of auto immune disease do you have that causes fluid on your ear? Thanks

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