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Mesenteric Panniculitis or Sclerosing Mesenteritis

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Although I am a private person, my goal in this post is to tell everyone that I have controlled my symptoms for 2.5 years without any drugs. On a CT scan 5 years ago the radiologist saw inflammation of lymph nodes and wasn’t sure what it was but suspected mesenteric panniculitis. I was not symptomatic. In August of 2012, I came down with severe pain and bloating, and for two months I could not sleep on my side, couldn’t run, barely walked, etc… all with severe pain. I started reading online, and all I saw were these terrible stories and the dangerous drugs people had to take. I had a clue that my disease was autoimmune related, because I had an autoimmune disease that caused fluid to gather in my inner ear.

Let first state, I am a totally Western medicine kind of person, and have nothing to gain from sharing my experience. The only thing I hope is that one person can gain freedom from pain like I have.

My research led me to the Paleo, auto immune protocol diet. It is a tough diet, and I lost a lot weight at first (too much). The good news is the diet lets you add things so that you can figure what your triggers are. I was very strict for the first 4 to 6 weeks. I now cheat all the time, but go back on a less strenuous version of it when I begin to feel minor symptoms. The great news is that my blood tests are amazing (I had high triglycerides, low good cholesterol, etc.) I am no expert, not a doctor, but just someone who has felt guilty by not sharing what has helped me.

I wish you all no pain, and a full recovery. take care, Doron

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I have been going thru the MP type issues, had pain in upper left quadrant (dull deep pain) and feeling sick, bowel issues not feeling well. Had a CT scan done, GI doctor called me same day and said report showed inflamation/infiltration at Root of mesentery, misty sign and lymph node enlargement in area. I was referred to oncologist. I read the CT report and said a diagnosis of MP and differential diagnosis of early lymphoma. After the million dollar work up that included a PET scan because they were sure I had lymphoma it came back not showing anything, along with negative tumor blood work, though my C-Reactive protein was very high. I had upper GI scope, colonoscopy that nothing came up serious, diverticulosis and some polyps removed. I have a follow up CT scan in a month and guess I will have to live with this abdominal pain because they have no clue about this MP the radiologist seen . Frustrated and want to get treatment.

Thanks for sharing. I too just recently started Paleo. I hope it helps.

If you are going to do the Paleo, make sure you start out with the auto
immune protocol. Like I said, I am no doctor but that is what helped me.
take care,

Doron Friedman

Hi Eddie. So sorry to hear what you are going though. I know not having an answer must be really frustrating. Unfortunately, we can’t make specific treatment recommendations through this correspondence, but if you’d like to seek help from Mayo Clinic or get a second opinion, please call one of our appointment offices (Arizona: 800-446-2279 Florida: 904-953-0853 Minnesota: 507-538-3270). Hope you find some relief soon!

it’s great this is working for you! 🙂 SM/MP isn’t just necessarily an auto-immune disease. it can be, but can also be attributed to other means.

I agree, and it is my understanding that there isn’t much science as what
the true causes are. For me, it just made sense given other signs I had,
and the diet worked. It actually worked and continues to work each time I
show any symptoms. On the CT scan, the enlarged lymph nodes are still
there, but the symptoms just disappear when I am on the diet.

I don’t know if this diet will help a single other person, but if it does
then I feel fortunate for sharing.

Doron Friedman

There are a few that paleo diet has caused there symptoms to lessen. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of varying degrees of SM/MP. Some with more aggressive forms, diet isn’t an option. We have 3 in our group that are fully TPN dependent and food isn’t an option. My daughter is one who has been on feeds off/on since 2008 when she was diagnosed with it. The last 1.5 years fully dependent on TPN. One with feeding tube as well. Some have hard masses that grow out from the mesenteric wall, while others have some mild inflammation or node enlargement . . . . 🙂

SM/MP masses can also affect bladder, ureter, kidney, etc. . . we have one in our group who has had his kidney removed, my daughter has right sided ureter damage, we have another with ureter/kidney also recently affected as well. We have some with ostomies up and above the SM sites causing obstructions — we had one pass almost a year ago with SM only and passed just about a year from diagnosis. We’ve also just had another pass within the last month with SM as well as he decided enough was enough . . there are very mild forms of this that can be treated with diet and there are also several aggressive forms of SM/mp as well . . . . some respond to the drugs that are out there – some don’t . . and others dealing with the abdominal pain that is out of control at times and constant – they quit . . . 🙁

It so sad to hear how much others are suffering. I feel blessed to have a
minor version of this. Thanks for all your feedback.

Doron Friedman

it is – it’s great you’re able to control it with minimal intervention! 🙂 There are a couple of others as well that have done the Paleo and have had great luck with it! 🙂 Good luck to you! 🙂

Thanks to all of you for sharing. Mine is mild so I am trying to learn as
much as I can. I do have abdominal pain at night but when I take lunesta I
sleep through it. But I am going to have to stop it because even 1.5mg of
the lunesta keeps me sleepy until mid afternoon. I will check out this
diet. I need to loose weight and help my cholesterol etc.

That is freaky….I was just thinking yesterday about trying this.

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