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Visual Snow: Anyone experience this?

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Perhaps you are describing what is called an ocular migraine?

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Hi, thanks for replying. She’s been tested for any kind of issue with her eye by (from what I understand) the best neuro-opthalmologist in Chicago, among other eye doctors. Apparently it’s been determined that what she has is migraine related, but they’re telling me it’s not an occular migraine because she never has any pain. She only sees visual snow, never resulting in a headache. They call it migraine aura without infarction. We did try a migraine medication and it didn’t seem to work. I just wish someone could help her! Thanks so much for your comment.

I’ve had ocular migraines – this is completely, totally different. For one thing, it covers the entire field of vision, for another, it’s 24 hours a day, nonstop.

Migraine medication has been used on some patients with little to no success. You can see what visual snow looks like at the eyeonvision site – just do a search to find it. The images they provide are very, very much what I see.