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Body vibrations when falling asleep or waking?

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I am having a very similar condition. About 9 months ago I started having a vibrating sensation in my upper chest around the area of my collar bones. It would only happen when I was just drifting off to sleep, when briefly waking up during the night, or when waking up. It would never happen when I was awake. It scared me at first so much that I was afraid to even go to bed but over time I realized it didn't seem life threatening and just accepted that it would happen. It happens every single night with no exception. Sometimes it is continuous all night long or comes and goes throughout the night. Having some medical background I ruled out a heart problem (EKG, Stress Test and Chest X ray); most medical issues (normal Hemotology, Chem, B-12 , Blood Glucose an Blood Pressure) and any supplements or medications. I have seen my Doctor and he doesn't know what it is. It happens no matter what position I am in. It always it is same rate but intensity varies during the night and night to night. I can reduce the intensity by stretching and changing position but it only goes away completely when I am fully wake up. I am a female 74 years old, still playing soccer so active, retired veterinarian and not under any stress. Got my third Covid vaccination shortly before signs started and have never had Covid that I know of. I would love to find out what this is and be in any study if one was available.

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I get brain zaps that seem to be related to acid reflux.

Hey there, @edornton . I'm a 31 M, and I had a bad reaction to the Covid vaccine myself. I recieved my first dose in June, 2021. Within 24 hours I began experiencing severe spine pain, numbness over the whole of my right-upper back, and sharp chest pain which led me to go to the E.R. Since then, I've developed a long list of new symptoms, many of which are neurological. One of the neurological symptoms being the vibrating when falling asleep and waking up. I've been experiencing this symptom every day for atleast a year now. For me, it's a rapid, rhythmic pulsing sensation I feel going from in my head through my arms and legs.

I've been seeing a neurologist for about 9 months now. Based on some imaging, my neurologist identified that I have a high levels of neuro-inflammation in my brain. They didn't find any lesions or growths.

I imagine the vibrating is either due to the neuroinflammation; whether that be a disruption or damage to my nerves, brain, or maybe a disruption in dopamine production.

Under the guidance of my neurologist, I've been taking a pretty hefty list of supplements and medications to help reduce neuroinflammation. At this point, most of my symptoms have either disappeared or significantly improved. The vibrating when falling asleep/waking up still persists, along with severe brain fog 24/7, but hopefully it will all stop with time and as I continue to work to reduce inflammation in my body.

I have had vibration in my body for I believe about 18 months now. While I can't speak to anyone else's experience for me it is NOT muscle twitching or over activity etc. that would be in line with myoclonus. It only happens when I lay down to go to sleep and when I wake in the morning for the first few minutes (that I'm aware of). Mostly in my extremities. I liken the feeling more to the vibration you would feel if you put your hand on a refrigerator when it is running... a humming. More intense some times, less so others.

I haven't been to a specialist as of yet. In the beginning it was upsetting but now is the new normal. Most Doctors I have spoken to have just said they've never heard of that. I've requested and have been referred for a sleep study as a starting point.

That timeline does coincide with when I began began receiving the Covid 19 vaccine and I would agree that since that time I have had the issue with vibration and inflammation and joint pain, but correlation doesn't always mean causation. However I never had either of these issues previously. I have been put on a couple doses of steroids for the pain during that time.

Wish everyone the best in their healing.

Have you lost a loved one around the time the vibrations started? I have vibrations too (heightened nerve tingle or electrical type energy feeling that's vibrating on the body and becomes more intense heightens within the body also) which started after my husband unexpectedly passed ( it's almost been two years ago now). I don't get them every night or all night when it does happen- appx. every 4-6 weeks time frame. I can be asleep and become aware that's it's happening, or it happens right when I'm drifting off to sleep and it fully awakens me. Sometimes it's so intense it's like a tickling feeling which I can't handle 'cause I'm very ticklish (right at my sides and my husband used to tickle me and laugh watching me laugh and beg him to stop). When I do move into another position the vibrations will stop, but sometimes will come back shortly after I go back to sleep ( also will stop when fully awake, but have felt it lightly and briefly when awake a few times). I feel like my husband visits me the reason I get these vibrations. The first time I felt it I was asleep my husband called out to me loud and clear, I didn't awaken but just became aware, then I felt this tingling vibrations and hugging feeling it all was so strong and intense. I used to be scared too (sometimes I still am), just because I felt that I would "see" or experience something I wasn't ready for... By the way I'm 49 years old with no health problems. I'm a licensed practical nurse, and haven't been vaccinated for COVID ( had COVID once July 18, 2022; feeling like I had a cold/sinus congestion for three days, temp 102.0 F.

Hi I developed the exact same symptoms that you describe I am 56 yrs old. 3-4 weeks after 3rd booster It all started. All doctors are perplexed, however I have a strong feeling it was the vaccine that did this to me, rather than Covid. I have had colds and the flu and nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I also have hypothyroidism It looks as though the government forgot to do tests or studies on immuno compromised people.
One of the largest oops moments in medical history. The “ RNA “ vaccine did not agree with my body. every day I read of more and more people coming forward with the same issues. The United Kingdom has had similar issues and has revisited the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine Studies are ongoing.
To be quite honest I would never have taking the vaccine if I knew this was going to happen.
I would welcome COVID-19 in comparison to the inner vibrations and tremors any day. Hopefully vaccine producers will investigate this and compensate victims, They know this is happening but are told to shush about it because vaccine equals money and lawsuits equal loss of money.
I was all for the vaccine as they said it would save lives however it has completely ruined mine. Hopefully we can get some answers and help unlike the screenwriter “Heidi Ferrer” Who took her own life. For many the symptoms are just too unbearable. RIP ❤️❤️❤️ Heidi Many people have told me they thought the vaccine was created too fast.
Thanks but No more Government needles for me, I’ll take my chances with Covid. Two of my doctors agree with me, While others have no comment In fear of backlash.
Sound familiar? These are just a few : many visits to the emergency room, EEG, stress test, Holter monitor, CT scan, sleep study, several EKGs, blood tests normal, MRI next.
help me out Moderna and I’ll Give you my house, my truck, my bank account,,, whatever you want please make this go away I beg of you. I too will be willing to join any study

Your symptoms are exactly like mine. 65 year old very healthy male and I have same vibrations at night in upper chest area as well. I am relieved to see others with same issues as I thought I had onset of PD initially and it freaked me out. Mine also happened about a month after 2nd booster. But I also had Covid 3 weeks before booster which now I'm wondering which one of these is really responsible. I'm done with any further boosters period. I've had this for 5 - 6 months now and was hoping it would go away eventually as booster wore off but not yet. Thanks for letting us know we are not alone.

It is so comforting to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing this! I’ve been scouring the Internet using search terms like “internal head vibrations while sleeping.” But I’ve not found anything that sounds like what I’m having besides what you & an few others are describing on this thread! I am a 43 yo female & this began about 18 months ago. It happened once, was very frightening, and then didn’t happen again for several months. I have not received a single COVID vaccination but I had the DELTA variant. I got very sick but was not hospitalized. I have since learned I am Vitamin D deficient but am otherwise healthy. I did receive the antibody infusion which I believe saved my life. I have found things online that make we wonder if this is a Long-COVID symptom but it literally ONLY happens while I’m in sleeping position—either falling asleep, in a very light stage of sleep in the night, or upon waking up. It came back with increased frequency about 4-6 months ago & is now happening most nights & every morning without exception. I saw a sleep specialist to discuss this tremor along with insufficient deep sleep (per my Apple Watch, which I began wearing to look for patterns during these vibrations). Nothing showed as abnormal during the times I noticed the vibrations but they always stop when I come out of that lightest phase of sleep to check the time. Just as you mentioned, I have never once (thankfully) experienced this feeling while being fully awake or even upright. Mine originates in the base of my skull so I start to feel it in my jaw & lips first. Changing head position stops it temporarily. I’m no longer frightened as I seem to be okay when I’m awake but the sleep specialist seemed completely stymied & that didn’t make me feel great. I did an at-home sleep study which showed some signs of minor sleep apnea & snoring (my husband says I don’t). But maybe it’s too quiet to hear & is causing this tremor somehow. He’s ordered me an on-site sleep study for more info. Perhaps something will be found there.

Thanks for your post. I am having almost identical symptoms. I'm in my early 50s. I too can usually control/stop the symptoms by changing position. The only difference is while I feel the tremors in my chest at times, for me, it's mostly in my head and eyes.

I’ve been experiencing the same. The internal vibrations started shortly after my first and only Covid booster in January of 2022. In April of 2021 I began experiencing severe anxiety shortly after receiving my first vaccination, and when I got a very mild case of Covid 4 months later the anxiety worsened. As I mentioned the vibrations started about a week after I was boosted in January of 22. I believe the internal vibrations I experience are related to anxiety induced by the vaccine and having had Covid. I have not been boosted in about 16 months and the vibrations are very mild when I do experience them. Ive noticed that they’re more intense a certain times during my cycle and less intense when I am well hydrated. I have a strong meditation practice, I exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet.

Been having vibrations since 2019. I didn't get covid shot nor have I had covid. They happen only after I have been asleep. I did a sleep study to see if that would show anything, it didn't. It did show I have mild sleep apnea and after using the nasal cpap for 4 hours minimum before I go to sleep, I gavent had vibrations for 9 night now. I've been keeping journal since 2019 and when they ate level 5 or higher, I have to get up before they stop.