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Dermatitis as a Prolia Side ecfect

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Hi Chris,
Thanks for responding to my post and sharing your experiences with atopic dermatitis. I have to ask, is it a side effect of another medication?

My PCP has prescribed another round of Prednisone, but I thought I’d hold off taking them until I see the dermatologist, in two days. We can then discuss the prednisone and/or other possible interventions. I’ve only been on Prolia for 3-1/2 weeks, and I am praying and crossing my fingers that the dermatitis will be the only side effect, as there is a long list of them. The thought of it is terrifying. I tried Fosamax, but my body wouldn’t tolerate it. So Prolia was the next step. I can’t help but feel somewhat reckless, because I didn’t do more research before agreeing to get the shot. How could I have subjected my body to this??

I will make a note of the topical meds that you’re using and will bring them up to the dermatologist.

Best of luck on the Dupixent. I hope it brings you positive results.
My husband and son suffered from plaque psoriasis for years before they switched to a younger and more liberal dermatologist. She put them on Skyrizi and the results have been amazing for them.

Thanks again,

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Good evening @jmora0691, thanks for you prompt response. Now I understand more. Unfortunately, my atopic dermatitis is not a side effect of another medication. I wish it were that easy. I had an initial reaction to Boniva, which was severe jaw pain….so bad I just wanted to pull all my teeth out. My only choice at the time was to use Tymlos or Forteo. I chose two years of Tymlos daily injections. Because my initial reaction to a bisphosphonate was pretty severe I ended up with Prolia, the only non bisphosphonate bone protector.

After one year, the Prolia was also causing jaw and teeth pain. A consultation with a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist followed and a solution was presented. He chose Fosomax which he felt to be the most chemically balanced for me. Then, instead of taking it once every six months, I take a one week dose every Monday morning. The medical thinking was that my body could not handle a heavy duty dose of Prolia every six months and so reacted as described. So far so good. I am in week 5 and have had no known reactions That is why I don’t think my atopic dermatitis is a result of the Prolia.

May I also mention that prednisone just wears me out. I just completed another tapered four week dose as a result of a facial flare. I am also very allergic to fumes from VOCs….volatile organic compounds. Just a few sniffs and I am done. I cannot use bug spray for mosquitos so must cover up or stay inside. I got a new pair of joggers a couple of weeks ago and put them on without washing them first…….you guessed it…..my legs were disgustingly broken out overnight.

Do you have any ideas for me? I am open to trying almost everything. I just saw an advertisement for Skyrizi so will have to read more.
Your thoughts and questions are always welcome. Where to next?

May you be safe, protected and free from inner and outer harm.