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I didn’t have itching, but burning on my arms & legs. The MRI also showed a very small compression.. I’m taking Cymbalta (dulloxetine) & did physical therapy for awhile. This really helped. I was tested for allergies to lotions etc. & found that I’m extremely allergic to nickel. I’m trying the low nickel diet. I bought some lotion from Skintifique that is free of all kinds of things & so far so good. I no longer do the exercises, so maybe it’s just an allergic reaction. We ate oatmeal every morning & nuts & beans in our diet , plus whole wheat & whole grains which all have nickel in them! Hopefully this will be helpful to you!

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Thank you for your reply.
One doctor I saw thought my condition might be thoracic outlet syndrome, which usually has pain but not itching. I had Botox shots on both sides of my body, which is a treatment for this condition.
It helped somewhat on my right arm, not on my left.
I am now seeing an allergy doctor who prescribed Zyrtec twice a day and a triamcinalone ointment (a steroid).
I also put Vanicare cream on twice a day and use Dove sensitive skin soap to wash with – no scented body wash.
I will also see a dermatologist for patch testing.

HI Thanks for the info. My wife uses no cosmetics, shampoo from health store, soaps that are pure. No chemical cleaners- and had a list of products to avoid that had to be at least 300 items.

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