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I'm on my second round with this disorder. The first time within two weeks of chiropractic treatment I had complete relief. But on this episode I am getting basically no relief after almost two months of treatment. Ice packs are my best friends. And not only am I fighting the BRP I also have Restless leg syndrome and renners, which really stinks with needing ice on arms and hands go White and freezing! Is this all possibly linked together within the nervous system? I do have damage in my c5-6 cervical spine and moderate scoliosis.

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I have suffered for 12 years with BRP until this past spring when I met a women who searched for help for years unending and finally discovered through Doterra essential oils a remedy. I tried it and within 3 days my arms were itch free.

DDR Prime
Deep Blue Rub

These 2 oils together internally then topically use the deep blue rub

I suffer from both of these maddening disorders. I wonder if they do have something to do with each other? Restless leg comes and goes too but years ago I put a bar of Irish Spring under my fitted sheet and I don't know why or how (and I don't care either) but it relieves the pain in my legs and lets me get some sleep. I barely have it any more and when I do, I refresh the soap by slicing a piece off and replacing it under the sheet. Both of these disorders leave me with many sleepless, painful nights.