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Yes, Patrick, I suffer from this condition and have done for over 14 years, have you found any help to prevent or stop the itch apart from Ice? I used 'Aloe Vera Propolis,' made by "forever living" (google for information) I have to say it saved my sanity for years. We have had a wonderful summer with wonderful sunshine (unusual for my country) and I holidayed beside the beach for 2 months sitting in the sun for many hours every week. My arms have never ever
been so bad as they are this August, that tells me the sun is a big factor in causing the itch. I believe because of my exposure to so much sunshine the Aloe Vera was not working. For me, over the past years, my problem starts in the Autumn and
usually on one arm, at the moment it is both arms.Try moisturizing your arms every 2 to 3 hours with silkcocks base and then ware long sleeves, it will give relief for a period of time. DO NOT DISMISS ALOE VERA WITH PROPOLIS. I am also going to be tested for histamine. Let me know if there is anyone with a tip to help with this awful itch. Noeley

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I was just diagnosed with this today. My right upper arm is so itchy with sharp pains at night. I actually went out and bought large bandages so I wont scratch so much during the night. I did get a back massage today and that seems to help at the moment. Yes I live in florida and yes I am sure I have sun damage. I guess I need to start wearing long sleeves to play tennis.