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Upper abdomen pain left side

Posted by @ucase in Infectious Diseases, Jan 10, 2012

Has anyone had to deal with pain in the upper abdomen, left side? My doctors are quite mystified. I had a CT scan that showed my Spleen to be normal. The pain has been quite sharp and around for the last month. I can reduce the pain with aspirin, but it is not going away. It wakes me up at night but seems to reduce in the daytime, maybe because I am distracted with work. Any suggestions or thoughts out there would be appreciated.


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Posted by @madsel, Jan 10, 2012

I'm not a medical professional in any way, but I did once have pancreatitis and it was in the upper abdonimal area and on my left side. I would ask for another appointment and ask for some blood work which could help to pinpoint the problem. If anything wakes you up at night, I would consider that to be on the urgent side. If your Dr. doesn't think so, get a second opinion. Again, I'm not a medical professional so I don't know what is wrong but if I were you, I would get in to see them again. Best of luck and keep us posted.


Posted by @ucase, Jan 10, 2012

Thank you for getting back to me. Pancreatitis on the left side? I would not have thought of that as the pancreas is on the right side. But I will follow up on that. I know that pancreatitis is pretty serious stuff and not to be ignored. Thanks again.


Posted by @madsel, Jan 10, 2012

I know that when I experienced pancreatitis the pain I felt began in the stomach and then wound up where I stated in the upper abdomen, left side. I did a quick check and on webmd it states that the pancreas is only 6 " long (you could have fooled me) and located in both the right and left sides. Check out this link:
again, good luck.


Posted by @anneinside, Jul 14, 2012

I had pancreatitis due to a blocked common bile duct from gallstones. I had already had my gallbladder removed.


Posted by @madsel, Jul 14, 2012

I have heard of that even though it is a bit unusual. I hope you are all right. Because I have had it I understand how painful it is. Best of luck!


Posted by @patrluna, Jan 10, 2012

Actually recently my boyfriends grandmother had the same feeling and it turns out that she has chronic pancreatitis which can progress to pancreatic cancer. It's a very dangerous thing. You should really go get check as soon as you can.

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Posted by @ucase, Jan 11, 2012

Thank you for responding. From Madsel I reviewed the comments on WebMD. I am getting an ultrasound tomorrow morning, thanks to what I read. And I am seeing a Specialist on Monday to review the results of the Ultrasound. I will hope for good news.


Posted by @joj85, Jan 21, 2012

My first throughout was pancreas... And it is on the left side not the right. Your gallbladder is on the right side....


Posted by @kwhit71, Sep 1, 2012

I've had the same issues. I do have a slightly enlarged spleen but I was diagnosed with "Internal Shingles".. That might be a contributor to your discomfort.


Posted by @luciano, Feb 10, 2013

Sometime the teeth retainer (sensitivity to plasticizer? Mild allergy?) can cause abdominal pain AT NIGHT...

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