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Eye evisceration

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Your article was most helpful. Just knowing what to expect helps. You healed for 4 months before continuing with the replacement prosthetic – was this due to your other health issues or is it best to heal for a long period first? I am concerned about the surgeon doing the surgery. I have read a lot about surgeons who are specialized in Ophthalmology Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. I did not want just "any" eye surgeon doing the surgery – especially if I have to have an enucleation. I searched for surgeons who had a 5 star rating and had acquired a Fellowship medical designation. Since I live near Kansas City, MO I located two within the Fellowship medical doctor's listing. I decided on the one I have an appt with in July, 2022. Probably this is the reason I have to wait 3 months for my appointment. Hopefully, I have chosen well! The physician I am currently with, his specialty is corneal transplants. I was referred to him by another ophthalmologist when my eye condition was deteriorating and I was becoming concerned what the problems were. This doctor immediately found the problem and began treatment. He is trying to prevent any infection from occurring. I have only been under the care of this doctor for 1 1/2 months. I had several questions he said he could not answer regarding evisceration and enucleation and recommended I talk to the surgeon in his medical clinic. I could not find any reports regarding the surgeon therefore I decided to get a reevaluation from the doctor I selected from my research of physicians with a Fellowship designation. Maybe I am being too concerned regarding which surgeon I go to? We lived in Minnesota many years before moving to Missouri. Three of my four eye surgeries were performed at Mayo Clinic as well as my breast cancer and my husbands colon cancer. If it wasn't for the distance where we live now I would return to Mayo for my current eye issues. We could not be more pleased with Mayo! Thank you for your message and will appreciate anything else you have to share with me. Your struggles have been much more than mine and bless you for enduring your health issues. We thank God he gives us the strength to handle the issues we face in our lives. May you have a beautiful day. Sorry for my long post. RENYT

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Hi RENYT, thank you for your kind words and for more information on your situation. Yes, my surgeon wanted me to allow my eye to heal longer (he said 3 months, and I opted for 4) because of my other conditions, another surgery that was happening during that healing time, and the fragility of my skin and tissue. During the post op period, I kept antibiotic ointment and something called a "conformer" in. The conformer helps maintain the shape of the sclera so that it heals well and maintains its shape for the prosthetic. I never had to touch the conformer or take it out, so no worries there.

My surgeon, Dr. Daniel Hwang, a Board Certified Ophthalmologist specializing in ophthalmic plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery is in Atlanta. I didn't have much time to choose, but felt comfortable with him and with the doctor who recommended him. Both were also concerned about infection, and so I'm glad you are being treated and monitored for that.

If you will feel more comfortable consulting with a similar ophthalmologist as Dr. Hwang, and can find such near KC, I'd say go for it. Let them know what you are dealing with and that the sooner you see someone the better, at least, that's what I think. But if it's not possible, go with your best option and continue to ask such great questions. You deserve the best care you can get!

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