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Eye evisceration

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Hello, and sorry to hear about your eye. Also, sorry to hear you have to wait until July to talk to a knowledgeable doctor about your options. I had an evisceration one year ago after 40 years of uveitis and glaucoma in both eyes. Had the tubes inserted in the '90's but the one on my right eye began to fail in 2010 and had to be removed. I could have lost that eye then, but was afraid to. Hindsight as it is, wish I'd had guts back then. I was at risk for infection this time, and I have artificial joints all over my body so could not afford to risk that. I opted for the evisceration and ocular prosthesis. Um, currently, though, I had a bit of trouble with my prosthesis. It caused some irritation, and I am leaving it out until I see the surgeon again tomorrow. Treating it with amoxycillin and antibiotic ointment. I will need to have the prosthesis adjusted. I can update you tomorrow or Tuesday after I see the surgeon if you're interested. Otherwise, I'm happy to answer any questions that I can or offer support. Hang in there! I know it's hard to deal with a painful eye and the potential loss of something so precious. Wishing you all the best.

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Renyt, I'm sorry, I had not seen this comment before I responded above. In 2010, I was threatened with enucleation. The discussion was about the types of prostheses used back then, and I didn't like my options. It wasn't a glassy eye, but some other kind of material. I really don't know that procedure. This time, I saw a surgeon first, who sent me to an ocularist. AS soon as the ocularist looked at me, he said, "have you considered an evisceration?" I actually had to do something, and I thought that my best protection and aesthetic was the evisceration with a cosmetic prosthetic after it healed. I let it heal for 4 months. I sometimes wore a patch in public, but as someone with tons of scars and deformities as a result of my Juvenile Arthritis since age 2, I no longer care (that much) about how others perceive me. The prosthesis was for me. But I can't put it in by myself because of the limitations in my hands and elbows. I am legally blind so can't drive, and my cervical spine is fused so putting drops in requires me to lie down. My husband helps me a lot!

So, here's what I think. Learn what you can about the differences between evisceration and enucleation, and maybe Amanda can help with that. I don't know what artificial eyes are like for enucleations, but they could be similar. Mine is a polished polymer kind of thing, custom crafted to match exactly with my other eye. BTW, I hear some folks have fun with theirs and put little images of their pets or sports teams inside the pupil! Weird but fun! Also, you will need help for either surgery with getting there and going back home. So, maybe you can contact someone who would be willing to come help you for a time. Or maybe there are resources in the community or with your insurance to get you through this? You might want to talk to the surgeon about this.

Your eye will look very different after surgery. It will need time to heal. It will be painful like a headache for a couple of days or so. I know you've been through a lot and dread going through anymore. I know this because I've had over 40 surgeries in my 58 years. I don't know how much more I can take either. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Know your options and the consequences. Ask good questions of doctors, the supports you find here, and yourself. Can you keep your current eye? Can you simply wear a patch after the surgery?

Here's the other thing I can tell about you: you are very strong. You have endured much already, and none of it's fair, but you have seen your own resilience through your own experiences and ability to survive. Again, I wish you all the best and I will happily try to answer any other questions. I need to go back and listen to your last comment now and see if I missed anything, so sorry if I did.

Thank you and I hope you will soon be comfortable. Yes – I am interested in the process you went thru. Who decided that evisceration surgery was the best route to go? I don't know if I have a choice. Anyway – when you feel like replying I would love to know more about what I am facing. Namely – how painful was the recovery? Wishing you the best RENYT

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