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Eye evisceration

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I am 80 + yrs old. I had a severe eye injury at the age of 21. I have had 4 corneal transplants and a "tube" operation to relieve eye pressure. I cannot have any more surgeries due to the condition of my eye. I have phthisis bulbi (end stage eye disease) and uveitis. I have been doctoring with a cornea specialist and I have to wear a bandage contact lens and I am using combigan, pred forte, lumigan, and polytrim plus moisture drops. Will my eye qualify for evisceration surgery? Will I have to have enucleation surgery? How long before I have to make a decision? My doctor tells me he doesn't know how long before I have to have surgery and he is just trying to keep any infection from occurring and maintain the current status. I am scared to death not knowing answers regarding the process? The earliest appointment is July before I can see a Ophthalmologic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon for answers and reevaluation. How long before my eye starts shrinking? So many questions.

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Hello, and sorry to hear about your eye. Also, sorry to hear you have to wait until July to talk to a knowledgeable doctor about your options. I had an evisceration one year ago after 40 years of uveitis and glaucoma in both eyes. Had the tubes inserted in the '90's but the one on my right eye began to fail in 2010 and had to be removed. I could have lost that eye then, but was afraid to. Hindsight as it is, wish I'd had guts back then. I was at risk for infection this time, and I have artificial joints all over my body so could not afford to risk that. I opted for the evisceration and ocular prosthesis. Um, currently, though, I had a bit of trouble with my prosthesis. It caused some irritation, and I am leaving it out until I see the surgeon again tomorrow. Treating it with amoxycillin and antibiotic ointment. I will need to have the prosthesis adjusted. I can update you tomorrow or Tuesday after I see the surgeon if you're interested. Otherwise, I'm happy to answer any questions that I can or offer support. Hang in there! I know it's hard to deal with a painful eye and the potential loss of something so precious. Wishing you all the best.

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