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Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia

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Just wondering if anyone else with this diagnosis

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I was diagnosed with WM in 2015. As of yet, I am stable, no symptoms, no treatments. Every 3 mos. I get my labs done. Every 6 mos, I see my oncologist. Very slow growing. Some people never have treatments! Life goes on. Yes, I constantly live with the fact that I do have cancer, but I thank God every day for where I’m at.

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66andcounting, with not having any symptoms, how was WM diagnosed for you?

Went in to my general practitioner for my yearly checkup. He called me back, wanting more labs. Something wasn’t right & he couldn’t put a finger on it. That was in January, 2015. I kept going back for still more labs. Finally in March, he called me & said he was referring me to a hematologist/oncologist. She was checking me for my severe anemia. One test led to another, till finally she did a biopsy. I still was not concerned. Then she called me in, asking me to bring my husband. That was June. I was shocked! Got a second opinion…same thing.

I've had this for almost 7 years. Been in remission 3 years. Having PET SCAN end of month to see if any new tumors. The infusion treatments do work!!

i was diagnose with waldenstrom 2 years and 2 months my levels are increasing and know Sam at 3500 problem more know going back in July to dr and blood work i would like to know if i go to Mayo clinic is the treatment better or more testing

Yes, do you too?