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Hi @elizebeth, I can imagine that you and your family are very stressed and afraid for your son. As a parent, it is unbearable to see our children suffer and to accept that he may lose his eyesight.

@uvea10 and @bryan talked about uveitis and their children back when they were teenagers in this discussion:
- Uveitis in children https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/uveitis-in-children/

I've tagged them here in the hopes that they will return to share with you how their children are doing 10 years later. @cahnny @chicagoprof @daisydo @dadcue may also have some thoughts and experiences to share as adults living with uveitis.

Elizabeth, have you requested an appointment for your son at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville? Would you like more information on how to request an appointment?

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My daughter is doing well with her Uveitis. She has been receiving Remicade infusions for over 8 years which has kept her inflammation down to 0-1 cell per eye. She has her infusions every 8 Weeks and does have to take Methotrexate monthly in the pill form. I feel blessed that we had such great Ophthalmologists at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. Sadly I think she may have this disease the rest of her life but at least we found the medication that is keeping it under control.