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Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis

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Hello to this group. I have had aspergillosis in my lungs for years. The past spring my symptoms became much worse. I have an appointment with an allergist in a few weeks to determine if it is ABPA. I'm looking for info on the difference between aspergillosis that has colonized in the lung and ABPA. Can anyone give me info? Thanks in advance.

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I’m tagging @sueinmn to see if she has any info about the difference between aspergillosis and ABPA.

ABPA is an allergic reaction to the presence of the aspergillus fungus, whereas I believe that aspergillosis is an infection by the fungus itself. There seem to be a difference in treatment recommendations. Aspergillosis is usually treated with an antifungal drug. ABPA is usually treated with corticosteroids to inhibit or stop the allergic reaction by the body. Antifungal drugs may or may not be used with the steroid.
It seems possible that having the fungus infecting your lungs for a long time could have caused your body to mount an allergic response, much the way one may become allergic to specific molds after being exposed over time.
What led to the referral for an ABPA evaluation?