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During my AFib episodes, my heart rate is so wildly erratic, that it’s hard to take a count. At times felt like 300 BPM, but my wife, a retired RN, took it a couple of times at about 120 BPM. It’s the galloping irregularity that is so unsettling rather than the pace of the pulse for me. It is actually the CHADS2 scoring that prompted my doc to recommend no blood thinner. My score was a 1/2 with the only condition in favor of the med my age. Speaking of confusion, though, I have heard a great variety of conditions that would be more and less likely to result in stroke. For example, I have heard on one hand that the first hiccup in an AFib attack can cause stroke while on the other hand you have to be in AFib for hours or even days before the stroke threat becomes meaningful. Lots of question marks about all this stuff, for sure. No, I can think of nothing that caused me to suddenly go into AFib so late in my life. ..thanks for the tip about sitting up quickly and taking something like gas-ex. I have always thought that my PVCs and tachycardia were often brought on by a gassy stomach…?

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I have come to think that actual physical pressure from air in my GI tract, against my heart, is my main trigger. I am always reclining and always in the evening. The solution might be a big burp if I could!

My heart rate is erratic too so I know just how you feel. My highest was 180 but it bounced around.

The old CHADS score made female gender one of the factors but they took that off! I don't have high blood pressure etc.

Noone seems to know how long you have to be in afib to have stroke risk. The study on short term anti-coagulation was for people who were in afib more than 5.5 hours.

Do you have an electrophysiologist?

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