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Side effects of Pristiq

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I was on the 50 mg Pristiq, and I discussed tapering off with my doc. (It’s important to note that I only use minimum dosages of antidepressants for maintenance, and haven’t suffered a major depressive episode for at least 20 years. It’s quite possible that I don’t need the meds anymore.) Doc recommended against cutting the pills in half, but encouraged me to try taking it on alternate days. He said if I noticed any depressive symptoms, resume daily use. I started tapering off in mid-December, and I’m now taking it every third day. I’ll probably go to once every four days and then stop entirely. I’ve had no ill effects.

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I am doing the exact same thing with cymbalta…..it’s a ruff ride but seems like I am doing better….for three years I thought I had an illness that would last the rest of my life……today I am feeling very normal like myself again..keep up the good work to get off the stuff

Good luck! Don’t hesitate to resume if you feel the depression coming back — I sure won’t. I’d rather be on meds for the rest of my life than go back there again, but at the moment, it appears that I might not have to.

Thank you…I wish you the best outcome too..so far I will jus say “MAYBE” it will be OK

You where right on point……I had to take another pill a few hours ago….I am stuck about what to do at this point..I only had one good day on the hasr out process..wow

you where right on point..had to take another pill of cymbalta..i am stuck don’t know what to do next…..thanks for your inseight about this stuff

Keep trying, I know everyone on here is having various issues about coming off there drug. Some may be trying to come off to soon, but others like myself have been on this drug for a long time. 7 yrs for myself. I just know it was time. I felt better stronger and know it was time to come off. I tried three times. I have been scared. I am on my fifth day. I am feeling better every day. just don’t give up if this is what you want. We are here for you!

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