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Oh my goodness. Terrible. How did you get rid of the C. Diff? Flagyl, Vancomycin, Deficid? Any of these work for you?

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I just read here that Mayo Dr. told someone that she will always test positive for C-diff. Is this true? I just tested positive again on a stool sample after finishing Vanco a week later. From reading here, Dificid is the best to try so I just told my Dr. to prescribe it. My co-payment is $50 and the meds cost $7000 for 2 wk supply. That is so unheard of…

I was initially put on Flagyl which failed, then failed on Vancomycin then Dificid which worked. I tested negative 3 times and was doing well for 2 months. Then I tested for C. Diff. and it came back positive. I was started on Vancomycin again which failed then 2 courses of Dificid. I have not retested since, but have not had diarrhea so I'm assuming it is gone. I was scheduled for a FMT on August 25, but the stool donor could not produce the required 50 ml of stool (only got out 20 ml) so I was sent home without having the procedure after spending 3 hours in pre-op at the hospital. At this point I am just keeping my fingers crossed because I do not want to go through another prep (which is the same as you do for the colonoscopy) for an FMT. The hospital I went to for the FMT is in the process of getting certified to do FMTs with frozen stool. If they do get certified, I would consider the FMT. But having to go through the prep aggravated my colon so much and it took weeks to recover from that, I would not do it again unless I could be assured the FMT would proceed as scheduled. I live in fear daily that it will come back or that I will have to get antibiotics for something else and will get C. Diff. again. It was truly the worst experience of my life and has left a very deep scar on my psyche. I wish you well.