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Breathing problem: Silent Reflux a hidden epidemic 

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Good day to everybody. I am in advance sorry for any mistakes in writing, English is my third language.

I suffer from Esophagitis Reflux, silent one.

Started as light burning in stomach but i never had problem with it.

Burning went away and every time after overeating i felt pain left side of my neck, pain was radiating under collar bone. Strange was that while i was eating pain was building up, culminating when i finish eating. But i could also burp very hard right away and pain would be right away gone.

October 2019 i had endoscopy, started PPI and i felt better.

I still had bit of pain after eating to much trough year, but barely any and i had no need to burp anymore.

October 2021 i tried to kick off PPI's for several weeks. For first time i felt acid burns and i still went trough with it. Burning stopped but after 5 weeks without PPI's i started having. pain under left rib cage. Pain was dull and only when i am rotating my body or leaning on left or right side. Never pain while resting and no difference if with full or empty stomach.

I started Omeprazole right away and i stopped sleeping on my left side because i thought that could also be the reason. I sleep with my head raised 8 inch from my foot so i did sleep on my left rib cage for months.

I got better, now i am 10 weeks into PPI's and pain is almost gone, not sure if is from PPI's or from not sleeping on my left side anymore.

But last few days i do have pain in neck again, now for first time even without eating and while resting. It is very light pain, and it come for half second and go away but it is constant trough the day.

Did anyone had something similar?
Thing that worry me is same neck pain that i have now even without full stomach, and partially pain under rib cage that is not completely gone but gone some 90% in last 10 weeks..

I am 43, healthy male, never alcohol, never drugs, not smoker. Been on diets for most part of my life eating healthy but i did overeat a lot especially on bulk periods because i was bodybuilding.

Thank you for any input and opinion.

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Hi @milan79 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

people like @spudmato, @merpreb and @dtrinkle54 have also participated in this discussion that I moved your post to. I did this so you can connect with members going through similar issues.

Some information from Mayo that you may be interested in reading on the side: Mayo Clinic Q and A: Lifestyle changes may ease laryngopharyngeal reflux: https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/mayo-clinic-q-and-a-lifestyle-changes-may-ease-laryngopharyngeal-reflux/

Have you confided in you medical team or physician about this?