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I agree, but to add to our issues , … Our Dr. Retired and they put another one over us. This Dr. Insisted it was Yeast, even though the hospital says different, she LAUGHED at me when I asked for a referral to the Mayo Clinic, she made us feel terrible, she wouldn't even give any referral to any Desease Specialist, she insisted on a Dermatologist.
All of his info is at her finger tips, but useless to her. Now she will not fill his seizure meds that are a life long need for him as well as a VNS IMPLANT. AT THIS MOMENT I FEEL HELPLESS AND CLULESS AS WHAT TO DO. His needs are now being ignored, I am lost.

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I am sorry to hear you are going through this without good healthcare support.

We are not able to make medical diagnosis here, as we are all people having medical issues, and seeking answers. But we can make suggestions regarding next steps to take, depending on your son's circumstances.
May I ask, if you are his full-time caregiver, are you his guardian as a vulnerable adult, or is he competent to direct his own affairs? Does he receive his health care through Medicaid or private insurance? This make a difference in what suggestions we can make as far as getting help.
I am hoping with more details, someone here will be able to give you some idea what to do next. In the meantime, I am sending positive thoughts your way.