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@shepn7, I have requested that your discussion be added to this existing discussion where others have shared been engaged n a conversation about how they also felt frustration over their search for a local doctor or nephrologist after their transplant. I think that you will benefit from reading what has already been shared, and as a member on Connect, you will be able to participate in any and all of the comments. You are not the only patient who faces this problem.
I feel your concern and frustration at what you describe. I agree that you are (we have to be) your best advocate. Unfortunately doctors are understaffed at the present time, and medical absences are becoming more frequent, However, we still must have someone who will work with us to protect our transplanted organs.
As transplant recipients we know that it It’s important to us that our care is being coordinated and continued after we leave our clinic. Transplant doctors, nurses and medical secretaries are experts at communicating with home providers by using secure online methods, printed letters and also notes mailed to our at-home provider, and phone calls when the information is more urgent or needs more explanation.
For your upcoming appointment, I advise being firm reather that aggressive (even if that is how you feel) . Why don't you take extra help along with you, to back you up – Why don't you call your transplant center and request a a statement or communication from them about 'your particular' needs. They in turn will be able to communicate to the nephrologists and work to coordinate your care.

How long have you been a patient with this nephrology group? Are you having any symptoms that would indicate that your kidney is in jeopardy?

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@rosemarya Thank you for asking me to join in!

@shepn7 Rosemary has brought up very good points. Your transplant team would probably like to know that you are not satisfied with your now-home provider, and would be wanting to communicate with them! I wonder if your current nephrology office has not had many transplant patients, and so may not be fully aware how critical it is to stay on top of labwork and issues that arise? Do you think that may be a factor here? You then have the opportunity to help educate them!

You are not the first person to have doubts/concerns/worries when it comes to a good experience with specialists. My suggestion is to write out what you need to see from them, how things might be changed up. Review that list. Write out your concerns. Have it "cemented" in your mind; it will be easier to express yourself in a firm manner at your appointment. As patients, no matter our health issues, we are our own best advocate in our care. How does this sound to you?

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