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Hi there. I just turned 63 on Dec 13. Was told yesterday that I need to get listed for a transplant. I am in the same boat you are in. I was almost listed in 2016, but was put on the wait and see list. I am also at 29%. Living with a transplant is no picnic either. It is hard work to stave off infections, cancer, and organ rejection. I want to fight to stay on this earth as long as possible for my daughter. Are you being seen at Mayo?

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@windwalker, Hi, Terri. I was happy when I saw that you made a post on Connect this morning, but I did not expect to see the message that you shared. This is not the kind of belated birthday gift anyone would ask for.

When I read that you will need a transplant, my mind immediately reverted back to the time when I got that same message. Terri, while I have a different transplanted organ(s), I understand the waiting, the stress. the many tests and procedures, and the feelings of aloneness that can accompany the evaluation for being listed and all of the waiting. I wish that I knew more about lung transplant to share with you. One of the most positive things to keep in mind is that the entire transplant team is going to be fully focused on you and they are dedicated to your best health and success.
Were you taken by surprise at this news, or had you expected it? Will you be at Mayo JAX?