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Transplant: Amoxicillin for dental appointment

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@hello1234 Good luck on your test today. My liver enzymes were also elevated after the transplant when I was on high dosage of immunosuppressants. It must be from the meds. Sending good vibes and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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Hi @leahdrose 😊 I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Day! Thank you for jumping in to the conversation! Yes, I successfully had my elastography and liver ultrasound this morning. Thank you so much for the good vibes!!! ❤

Pre-Transplant my ALT liver enzymes were 10, now it's running around 34. (With the Fosamax it's up to 50 this week. My doctor told me to stop taking Fosamax asap)

Pre-transplant my AST liver enzymes were 22 and it's now 34 (With Fosamax it's up to 43 this week).

As far as I can see it's definitely the meds. I am not sure if it's okay to stay at ALT 34 when my normal pre-transplant ALT was 10.

I wonder if it will ultimately injure the liver or if it's okay? I don't know anything about the liver. The kidneys have always been my focus for 50 years!

I currently take 500mg Cellcept twice a day, so I don't think they would reduce the Cellcept. If necessary, they would probably change Cellcept to another drug. The kidney is doing well, so I am concerned about making a med change, but of course I don't want to harm my liver either.

I don't know if my current liver numbers can safely be my "new normal" or not?

Thank you @athenalee @rosemary @leahdrose @contentandwell @cehunt57 @estrada53 for all your concern, thoughts and support. You are terrific friends!! ❤ Very thankful for Mayo Connect.