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Transplant: Amoxicillin for dental appointment

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@hello1234 My apologies for not keeping in touch soon. I just got a part-time remote job, and it has been hectic.
They identified the rejection was elevated through the Prospera blood test. It is more comprehensive and detects early rejection which later shows up on the usual creatinine test. I was told it is fairly new and existed a couple of years ago. I did another test today. The creatinine is better from 1.12 last week to 1.04. I also did another Prospera test as recommended by my UCLA nephrologist. If it goes further up, then they will schedule biopsy. In looking at the five test results, they were all in upward pattern. Most likely, the test today is up too. Last week, they also took antigens test. It came out good as no antibodies were detected against the antigens. There's always good news and bad news. Like everyone else, I entrust our doctors recommend the best course of action to keep us on the right track.

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Hi @leahdrose 😊 No need to apologize! I am so happy to hear from you!
It's nice to hear that you have a remote part time job that you are enjoying. With covid, a remote job is perfect and recovering from the kidney transplant makes the part time hours advantageous too!
It sounds like your appointment at UCLA went well. I know what you mean about a mixed bag of good test numbers and a few test numbers that need to be watched…..That's my experience too.
It's great to know about the blood test that monitors for signs of rejection! My doctor recently mentioned a test called "Allosure" which sounds very similar to the test you mentioned. (Maybe it's just a different brand or manufacturer).
It sounds like you will continue to monitor and the good news is nothing sounds urgent. I like the idea that you will only biopsy if the blood test shows it's needed.
I was also happy to hear that you have great confidence in your UCLA transplant doctors and team. They have an excellent reputation!
Please keep me posted on your results from today and whether things are calming down or you need the biopsy.
A lot of your blood work results sound really good so I am hoping that you will be pleasantly surprised.
Will you receive the results from today's blood work this week?

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