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Transplant: Amoxicillin for dental appointment

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Hi @cehunt57 😊 After reading your note, I would DEFINITELY call your pancreas transplant a huge success! I am so happy to hear that you are celebrating your SIXTEEN YEAR post-transplant anniversary this month...that is awesome beyond words! I was also pleased to hear about the level of immune suppression drugs you are on. (It sounds like you are barely on anything now!). Your doctors obviously feel comfortable that your match is excellent and you need very little suppression to keep things going....and the bonus is you are no longer anemic as a side effect.
I am one year post kidney transplant and my liver enzymes are slightly elevated since the transplant and starting the meds. I have a liver ultrasound and fibroscan scheduled next Friday to check how my liver is doing and then they'll go from there. I will keep you posted.
Thank you so much @cehunt57 for sharing your wonderful pancreas transplant story!
Was your recovery difficult after your surgery and during your first year? I have heard that pancreas transplant recovery can be more difficult than kidney transplant. Is that true or did you have a fairly easy time the first year?

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@hello1234 after 16 years some things about the pancreas transplant are hard to remember and some not at all. Initially the transplant was connected to my bladder supposedly for a place for pancreatic enzymes to be drained to and monitored to keep an eye on danger of rejection. These enzymes are digestive enzymes (you can find them in drain cleaners!) and they are corrosive. That was one thing that bothered me about the transplant. That part of the transplant didn’t sound like a good idea to me. (I’ve been told that method is no longer used.) Sure enough those enzymes really bothered my bladder. I started passing big clumps of blood in my urine. My transplant was 11/30/2005. In February or March of 2006 I had another surgery called an enteric conversion. The pancreas was taken out, disconnected from the bladder, everything cleaned out and put back in and reconnected to the colon, lower bowel or intestine (can’t remember the exact anatomy name). That was a tougher surgery than the original transplant. The other difficult thing that first year were the numerous labs and changes in immune suppression meds/doses and antibiotic & antiviral medications that are common early on post transplant. It took a lot of trial (and error) to figure out the right combination. Regarding anemia, it wasn’t concluded then that it was due to the pancreas transplant & immune suppression. I still have anemia that is thought to mainly be due to my CKD (chronic kidney disease). My doctors monitor that and treat as they feel necessary.
I am interested in your kidney transplant story. I have been told by my nephrologist that I will at some point need dialysis &/or kidney transplant. The thought of dialysis bothers me. Transplant does not. I have gone through the pre-transplant evaluation and been approved & accepted for kidney transplant. I got listed on UNOS through Mayo in Rochester. I have been looking for a living donor in the hopes of getting a preemptive transplant. My listing was changed to inactive because I am too healthy for transplant at this time! My GFR has bounced from 14 - 42 over the past 5 years and is currently 30. That is more of my story. Please tell me about yours.