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I am surprised no one has replied to your post. I too have experienced chronic joint pain since I started 2 months ago. Ironically, I received my 3rd session of 12 today. I worked around the house for about an hour this afternoon and I can hardly move without stiffness and pain. Unfortunately, I received my last dose of Covid -19 around the time I started Evinity, so I really don’t know which is the culprit, but I know it’s from one or the other. I am 51 and my dr stated my density numbers were so low, he knew my insurance would cover. So, I had to decide what was important to me. I was very encouraged knowing my bones will actually gain instead of just halt. But, I am having growing concern as time goes on. About 2 weeks after my 1st shot (early September) I worked around my house for several days lifting, pushing etc… my body has not recovered since. It started with lower back pain and slowly started going down the side of my right thigh. I can not stand longer than 3-5 minutes without excruciating pain and burning!!! Ibuprofen and lots of it will help but I know that regimen is detrimental also. I’ve been told by many it sounds like my IT band, not sciatica. I will follow up with my dr in January and I will see what he says if I can endure that long. I will try to remember to update thread then. I would love to hear from anyone else who may be experiencing same symptoms.

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I have found capsaici patches helpful and tylenol or advil/aleve or whatever. I also sometimes overdo or make a mistake and it is a week or two or three of pain. As for pain from a bone growing med, I expect that and try to welcome it even if I have trouble getting going that day. Right now I am in pain and about to try to go to the store. (I do curbside pickup so I don't have to lift into the car.)

I too have been going back-and-forth between doctors who say it’s sciatica or IT band. It seem to start when I started the Evenity which was prescribed for me six months after I had a compression fracture of my spine due to a boating accident. I am borderline osteoporosis, but otherwise a healthy 70-year-old who is very active. I’ve had 10 shots so far, and after reading your posts I’m not sure I’m going to continue. It could be a coincidence with the symptoms, but I can see no other cause for this. It’s very frustrating not to be able to walk more than a few blocks without the pain, or drive a car without cruise control.